Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Dry Road.. Mountain Pass.


  1. Trevor, these road and moorland/mountain shots want putting all together. At first glance they are just well composed shots but I don't think there are any that haven't made me look again.
    Don't tell if you don't want where are they?

  2. Hi Adrian.
    Most of them are up in the Yorkshire Dales a beautiful area.. if you have not been yet you are in for a scenic feast. I do tend to group the Lakes and Dales together as we generally stay at the book town Sedburgh which is just inside Cumbria and a great jumping off point for both of them.

  3. beautifully tranquil little meandering road - i'm wondering what's around that curve and up ahead!

  4. I can tell you Jenean.....more mountains and a lot more road it is an endless scenic feast.


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