Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Old Mine


  1. Trevor there I am tramping around getting wet and you have a better one all the time. Could have just whizzed a link in.

  2. As you paid me a visit,I am Visiting you and I have to say you have some lovely photos.The landscapes in this post could have been taken here,the views are so similar.
    I was confused as to which site to make my reply,as you seem to have several,chose this one as I love landscapes and historical ruins,thats why I live in one !!!

  3. oh, i love old ruins - and this is such a beautiful one in such a beautiful setting! thanks so much for sharing - oh, do you know its story?

  4. Hi Adrian.
    We are all getting wet...I see you have taken shelter and come up with some really good bird shots on your latest blog.

  5. Hi Matron.

    Thank you for popping over to my blog.
    That is a very impressive Castle you live in. The sort of place I would like to stay at if I ever manage to get across to the Emerald Isles.

  6. I am afraid not Jenean. There are so many old mine workings scattered around the Cornish countryside. I must one day read up on the rise and fall of Cornish mining and also the Pilchard industry.
    I think you would find the Matron blog of interest Jenean. (The comment before yours)

  7. Hi Trevor,
    Simply look soooooooo romantic of these old landmarks of the past and the light in photography highlights this effect yet. I was once in Cornwall, but I've lost a part of my heart there - country and people are just wonderful.

  8. Hello veredit.
    The old mine workings scattered around the county are indeed photogenic and can often be shown to great effect during harsh weather conditions or any that gives a dramatic skyline. It is a nice and rugged place with a lot of Olde Worlde charm.


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